In addition to our renowned expertise in high-voltage electrical work, the ongoing training and certification that TALVI workers undergo, our workforce brings a range of related skills to the table.

Adapted methods

At TALVI, our constant openness to new ideas enables us to provide clients with the most efficient project management methods. Our processes meet the highest-quality industry standards while safely completing each project based on client needs. 

Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy consists of :

TTackling all forms of environmental impact and pollution and minimizing the risk of occupational illness applicable to our activities, by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of OHS aspects, impacts, hazards and risks.
AAchieving compliance with legal, normative and contractual requirements governing health, safety and the environment and any other requirements to which we subscribe by providing and mobilizing the necessary resources to achieve this.

Lead to develop a close relationship with all our stakeholders, both internal and external, and to remain attentive to their needs, expectations and requirements with regard to our activities and services, especially our customers.

VValue that all our workplaces maintain a safe and healthy environment for our employees, our contractors and others who may be affected by our operations.

Implement a continuous improvement approach to our business procedures, services and actions, in terms of environmental protection, health and safety and our management system, while respecting its values.

In order to respect this policy, TALVI relies on the commitment, support and involvement of the women and men who make up its wealth.

Civil works
Assembly of steel structures
High voltage electricity
Control and command
Building works

Our great versatility also allows us to carry out civil engineering projects; our major projects division is made up of a team experienced in the execution of sewage, waterworks and public utilities works, roads, underground pipelines, and mass earthworks, as well as commercial, institutional and industrial infrastructure projects.


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