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As a general contractor of industrial and commercial construction since 1995, Talvi Inc. is known for its expertise in the industries of energy and major infrastructure.

The energy division is specialized in high-voltage electricity where Talvi Inc. enjoys an enviable reputation thanks to large-scale installations it did for Hydro-Québec.

The realization of high-voltage electricity works requires a particular know-how that translates into a need for constant updates of the technical knowledge. The ongoing training and workers accreditation ensures that Talvi Inc. profits from an exceptionally qualified workforce.

Equipped with an impressive range of skills, Talvi Inc. labor is also able to realize related civil works projects.



The major infrastructure division has among its assets an experienced team when it comes to the completion of civil works such as sewer, road, underground canalizations, mass excavation and commercial, institutional and industrial infrastructures.

The team spirit is felt through an exceptional performance in execution.

Respecting the timetable is insured by a precise planning, a reliable technical support, a quality control system of superior quality and a rigorous application of the health and safety rules


Talvi is a general contractor specialized in excavation and high voltage electricity. The company has gained an enviable reputation thanks to its large-scale facilities for the benefit of Hydro-Québec.